Discovered a new healthy feature of ginger

A piece of ginger can effectively combat unpleasant smell from the mouth, say researchers from the University of Munich. According to them, by this property it gives the substance gingerol-6.

Обнаружено новое полезное для здоровья свойство имбиря

Bad breath is not always about the neglect of hygiene, it can appear as a reaction to something eaten dish. German scientists suggest to solve the problem of bad breath mouth to take a job in a small lockable container, small piece of ginger, and, if necessary, to chew it. To freshen the mouth enough to chew a tiny piece.

Data scientists say that ginger contained in the substance gingerol-6, giving it the characteristic strength, also can fight halitosis. Substance activates an enzyme in saliva that eliminates unpleasant odors, including a particularly putrid “fragrance”.

“Inotifychange acute gingerol-6 zastavlyayut salivary enzyme sulfgidrillnaya 1 for a few seconds to increase 16 times, which will destroy all unpleasant-smelling (sulfur-containing) particles. Thus, it is possible to eliminate the often long-lasting bad smell after eating certain foods, such as coffee or onions,” — said the scientists.

The scientists also added that eating ginger helps with muscle pain, is the prevention of cancer, helps with problems with hair loss and dandruff.