Discovered fruit can slow the aging process

Researchers from China have concluded that the fruit of an Arhat has the property to slow the aging process. This is the conclusion they came after experiments with mice.

Обнаружен фрукт, способный замедлить процессы старения

About the project, Chinese scientists reported in The American journal of Chinese Medicine. The research assistants for 10 months were fed Arhat mice.

Experts have found that this fruit is able to activate functions of hematopoietic stem cells (HSCs) in the bone marrow that are precursors of blood cells and contributes to their regeneration.
Chinese experts are convinced that in a similar way the fruit of the Arhat will act on humans.

Moreover, the results of studies conducted on mice, is likely to be confirmed and people.

“Based on these results, the research team came to the conclusion that eating the fruit of the Arhat can extend human life by improving the function of stem cells”, — quotes the edition of the work.

Arhat is one of the species of lianas native to this plant are Northern Thailand and southern China — where the fruit is cultivated for its fruit. Taste the fruit resembles a cantaloupe, the fruits have a high content of antioxidants mogrosides. It is believed that the use of an Arhat reduces the harmful effects of Smoking and alcohol consumption: it helps to cleanse the lungs and strengthens the liver.