Disease, which indicates the color of bruises under the eyes

Possible causes of bruising under the eyes, the disease, which indicates the state of the age.

Болезни, на которые указывает цвет синяков под глазами

The skin around the eyes tells us about the many irregularities. Here we will not talk about the possible genetic causes bruising around the eyes that are fixed only with the help of cosmetics. There are age-related changes, which are adjusted by decoctions of medicinal herbs. Perhaps the reason lies in dehydration or incorrect way of life: alcohol, late night parties, lack of sleep etc. In this case, get rid of circles under the eyes can correct mode of the day. But there are diseases, which we indicates the skin of our eyelids. In this case, you must consult a doctor.

Kidney disease usually detected not only difficulties with urination, but and morning black eyes.

Liver disease imparts a yellowish-brown color of our eyelids.

Violations in the work of the pancreas and pain in left side add spots around the eyes.

Evening bruising around the eyes indicate diseases of the blood vessels and heart.

A permanent bluish circles under the eyes report on diseases of metabolism.

Anemia gives us signals purple color of the eyelid skin.

If circles under the eyes are accompanied by bloating and stool disorders, check for helminths.

And if you have drowsiness, forgetfulness and impaired attention with a vivid circles under the eyes, you could have chronic fatigue syndrome.

Do not attempt to disguise the appeared circles. Try to find out why. Don’t delay the trip to the clinic.