Disease Zavorotnyuk: first husband of the actress came to beg her forgiveness

Болезнь Заворотнюк: первый муж актрисы приехал просить у нее прощения

The doctors stopped treatment Anastasia Zavorotnyuk. This TV channel NTV said patient of a private Moscow clinic, which is now an actress.

According to her, Zavorotnyuk from 16 September “is just being supportive, artificial respiration and heart”.

The woman confirmed that Anastasia really was hospitalized on September 13 with a diagnosis of “glioblastoma” in the last stage. September 14, the actress was partially paralyzed, 15 September she was connected to a ventilator.

Official confirmation of this information. While on 19 September it was reported that the doctors decided on a course of treatment of the actress. She carried out antibacterial therapy and therapy aimed at correction of the brain edema. 21 September it became known that the actress underwent a second surgery, after which there is hope for her recovery.

At the same time in Moscow came the first husband of actress Olaf Schwarzkopf — he wants to apologize to Anastasia. The man sincerely regrets that during the joint life did not give her what she wanted.

German Olaf Schwarzkopf was older than 11 years experience. He immediately took the young Anastasia Zavorotnyuk to the Registrar. Every step of the actress he was shot on a home camera. A year after the wedding, Anastasia Zavorotnyuk filed for divorce and abandoned by the husband for the whole country voiced her female secret.

Olaf Schwarzkopf, the first husband of Anastasia Zavorotnyuk: “She was pregnant. I was told that it was not a miscarriage, it was an abortion. I previously thought that it is a miscarriage, and I was worried about the baby.”

Olaf’s life after a divorce will not be adjusted. The business went bankrupt, he never married, a daughter from his mistress, works in construction. Money is only enough for an apartment, requiring a thorough repair. Olaf takes her friends for a nominal sum.

The man admits that still can not forget his beautiful Nastya — nice, bright and carefree.

As previously reported “FACTS”, a famous physician, member of the Institute of neurosurgery named Burdenko Alexander Sanikidze spoke about the prospects of recovery 48-year-old actress Anastasia Zavorotnyuk, who was diagnosed with cancer of the brain.

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