Dismissed by the Deputy Commissioner of the OPP is no longer able to keep quiet (PHOTO)

Отправленный в отставку заместитель комиссара OPP больше не может молчать   (ФОТО)

Former Deputy Commissioner of police of the province of Ontario (OPP) will be speaking publicly for the first time since he was fired by the efforts of the provincial government.

Brad Blair holds a press conference where he is expected to represent in a General way that he is going to continue its lawsuit against the progressive conservative government.

Specialist with years of experience, he was fired in March after a senior public servant made a statement that Blair had violated its “legal and ethical duties.”

Blair appealed to the court to oblige the provincial Ombudsman to investigate the government’s attempts to recruit an old friend of the Prime Minister of Doug Ford as Commissioner of the OPP.

He also filed a defamation lawsuit against the Ford, claiming that the Prime Minister caused damage to the reputation of Blair when he accused him of violating the police services act.

Attorneys Blair announced that he would also talk about their efforts to “protect the independence and confidence” in the police service for the province.