Dismissed legendary commentator don cherry, yet apologized for the attacks on immigrants (PHOTO)

Уволенный легендарный комментатор Дон Черри все же извинился за нападки на иммигрантов  (ФОТО)

Legendary hockey commentator don cherry, who was fired yesterday, has changed his mind and said that was wrong, addressing his statement to the immigrants who are supposedly not respect veterans of Canada.

Yesterday hockey commentator don cherry, who worked as a than a dozen years, was fired by the company Sportsnet from his post in the program Coach’s Corner because of the remarks last Saturday, addressed to the immigrants who, according to him, is not enough to honor canadian veterans.

In the program on Saturday, cherry said that the new immigrants in his home Missisauga do not respect veterans because they don’t wear tabs with a poppy, the symbol of memorial Day.

85-year-old don cherry is not only famous for his bright blazers, you know it and outside of Canada, as it is the most famous hockey expert in the world. He used to say openly what he thinks, for that in 37 years of doing programs on it many times offended players. And this time, he spoke again very straightforward.

“You people… you love our style of life, you love our milk and honey, you could spend at least a couple bucks on a Mac or something like that,” said cherry. “These guys paid for your lifestyle so you enjoy life in Canada, these guys have paid the ultimate price.”

Previously, don cherry refused to apologize for his causing so much discussion and criticism tirade about new immigrants, not wearing poppies, noting that he could keep his job as co-host of “Coach’s Corner” if he agreed to be “a spineless robot, which no one would know”. Cherry told reporters in an interview with Canadian Press that on Saturday night he said what he thought, and everyone also believes that everything in Canada should be wearing poppies in honor of fallen soldiers. He stated that his comments did not exclusively relate to national minorities, but that they likewise apply to the English, Scottish or Irish immigrants, like any other.

And later in an interview with CTV he said something quite different.

“First of all, I said “You people,” explained cherry, I would change it if I had the chance again to say those words, I would say: “everything.” “You people”, I can see how this expression might offend people, I do see it, I would say otherwise, and say that if it offends someone, then apologize.”

He also noted that he would Express his point of view mildly, if I knew that it will touch someone, but now that he’s fired, the chance to fix it anymore.

Comments cherry caused a lot of grievances, including on social networks. Even the mayors of some canadian cities, provincial and Federal policy strongly condemned the leader. Company Sportsnet after the ether and performed with Don cherry talks, it was decided that now is the time for him to stop working.

For a 37-year career, this is not the first controversial statement, which was made of cherry.

In 2010, he appeared in the pink suit at the inauguration of Toronto mayor Rob Ford and said that “supports all the pink that ride bicycles and everything.” In 2013, he said he did not believe that women reporters have the right to access the locker rooms of male athletes. In 2016, during the election of the President of Donald trump in the United States, he encouraged the Americans to move to Canada. In 2017, he criticized the kneeling protests that spread across the National Football League, then the players were on their knees, to protest against the cruel treatment of black people by the American police.