Disorders in the cervical spine lead to cardiovascular disease

Doctors say that in 90% of cases of disorders of the cervical cause high blood pressure and start the development of cardiovascular diseases. These violations contributes to the compression or squashing of the blood vessels.

Нарушения в шейном отделе ведут к сердечно-сосудистым заболеваниям

As experts explain, compression or squashing of the blood vessels can happen in the background nerve stress, provoking spazmirovannah muscles in the cervical and thoracic spine. In result of displacement is disturbed blood flow, the brain does not receive the required amount of oxygen and other nutrients. The consequence of such deviations can be jumps in blood pressure, leading to the occurrence of cardiovascular diseases.

The person suffering from the discomfort and pain in the neck, is likely to experience frequent headaches and dizziness, decreased vision, and the development of hypertension, experts say. They recommend to treat such pain for medical assistance because domestic treatment may bring attack or a stroke.

Doctors say that when the pain is in the neck, people often resort to home therapy, linking this phenomenon with degenerative disc disease. But the combination of pain in the neck, wrong actions, as well as increased pressure can lead to stroke.

“In this disease as treatment methods are recommended special exercises, manual therapy and medications. Together these methods eliminate the pain, restore the health of the intervertebral discs and normalize blood flow”, — told the experts .