Dispelled 10 myths about diabetes

14 November was the world day to combat diabetes. This disease affects 1 in 11 people on the planet, with the most common type of diseases, diabetes of the 2nd type, you could prevent half of the cases.

Развеяны 10 мифов о диабете

Excessive thirst tells about the diabetes

True. Due to the high level of glucose in the blood, man wants to drink constantly.

People with diabetes often lose the sense of smell.

Myth. Diabetes and smell are completely unrelated.

In diabetes loss of hair

Myth. Hair loss is not a symptom of diabetes.

Diabetes can speak frequent urination

True. This may be one of the symptoms, so the body tries to be freed from excess glucose.

Numbness and tingling in the extremities – a symptom of diabetes


Obesity can increase the risk of diabetes of the first type

Myth. Diabetes of the 1st type – a congenital disease. Obesity increases the risk of the disease the second type.

If a person has diabetes, he can’t have a sweet tooth

People with diabetes can eat sweets, but they, like all the rest, for overall health and well-being should abandon the use of too many products with high sugar content.

Diabetes life-threatening

True. Diabetes may lead to disability and early death.

Diabetes can not be infected

However, it’s not an infection.

People with diabetes are contraindicated sports

Myth. Sport improves the condition of diabetics.