Disproved popular myths about healthy and unhealthy bread

Gastroenterologist refuted the myth about the beneficial property of black bread.

Опровергнуты популярные мифы о здоровом и вредном хлебе

Doctor Alexey Paramonov encourages a critical attitude to all theories about and white, and black bread.

Myth # 1: Black, better in white

White and brown bread are neither carbohydrate nor total caloric content.

The difference in the source of carbohydrates. In black bread for it is rye flour, which gives it a characteristic sour taste.

Myth # 2: diabetes white bread can be replaced with black

“It’s a myth that diabetes can replace white bread to black and nothing does not refuse” — said the expert.

High glycemic index bread directly affects the rise in blood sugar, which in excess inevitably leads to the accumulation of fat in the liver. The extra slice of bread, whether white or black, would exceed the daily requirement of calories.

As a result, through the months and years it will turn into extra weight on the body and increases the risk of diabetes of the second type.

A healthy person need to strictly monitor the consumption of bread in the diet, and people with obesity need to exclude.

Myth # 3: Only yeast bread contributes to gas

This property of the bread, regardless of the content in this yeast. Moreover, the yeast is “killed” with the cakes, and the unleavened bread uses the same yeast, but as a starter.

As for gassing, this is a natural reaction of the intestine to “fast carbs”.

Myth No. 4: Not eating meat with bread

A common myth is that proteins with carbohydrates impede the absorption is also destroyed. Pancreatic enzymes, which should be allocated for the process of digestion of bread and meat, work simultaneously and do not interfere with each other.

A separate power supply, in the opinion of the gastroenterologist, is an unscientific practice.