Disturbing history in real estate: shoddy work, negligence and pimping

Troubling history in real estate: shoddy work, neglect and procuring ism


Westmount agent in Montreal Joëlle Bitar prides herself on achieving “ more than 100 sales per year ” and to be part of the Re/Max Hall of Fame.

Since 2015, however, the latter has been the subject of no less than three appeals by the OACIQ, the last of which extended until last year.

An appeal filed by the syndic of the body against her in 2017 contained a dozen counts regarding the sale of five properties. Among these: having changed the sale price of a property without having written authorization from the seller. She also indicated an inaccurate square footage for a condo she was selling. Finally, she put a building up for sale without having had the seller's declaration completed.

Troubling history in real estate: shoddy work, neglect and pimping


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She was convicted of five counts in 2018 and all other charges in 2020. She was fined $17,500 in 2018. And in November 2021, she was fined another $4,000 and reprimands.

“The respondent is not acting in bad faith, but her practice does not have the quality required to make her a good [real estate] professional,” said judged the Disciplinary Committee.

In 2016, the broker had already found himself before the House Disciplinary Committee for having lowered his commission so that a lower offer would be preferred by sellers to another higher offer.

She pleaded guilty and was fined $1,000.

This agent with a troubled past was also sanctioned by the OACIQ Discipline Committee for operating escort agencies on the fringes of her real estate activities. She was fined $12,500 in 2015. 

Yesterday Ms. Bitar told us she was granted an absolute discharge from the pimping charges, and improved her practice since 2018.

Troubling history in real estate: shoddy work, neglect and procuring

in the crosshairs

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