Disturbing the bot and Healty consultant: how the Ukrainian startups were given grants for the 9th time

Ukrainian Foundation for startups held its ninth Pitch of the Day. The event was held offline on the territory of the innovation Park Unit.City. The presentations were made by 10 startups in the seed stage. After the pitches, the jury assessed the startups companies, where 3 of the 10 with the highest score will receive a grant in the amount of $50 thousand each.

Source: delo.ua

This was reported in the press service of the Ukrainian Fund startups.

The main criteria for evaluation of projects at the stage are: team, market, technology, product, strategy. In each category a maximum of 5 points (to a maximum total of 25). The passing score for recommendations to the Supervisory Board on the grant is 15 points.

Ideas at the stage of seed:

ORTY. The restaurant management system, through the introduction of self-service systems, delivery and chat-bots, helps restaurants sell more.

COMIN. Allows content websites to earn revenue from the content, without further action, time and special skills. Comin provides a widget e-Commerce, which automatically selects the product to the contents of this publication. The process of buying goods is carried out directly on the content of the website without the transition of visitors to the site store and order processing is carried out by the seller.

Nutritionista. Intelligent mobile app that encourages users healthy food at nearby restaurants based on personal preferences such as: types of foods, allergens, methods of supply using artificial intelligence and computer vision.

TRADOMATIC. B2B marketplace that helps farmers and traders to communicate and close deals online in just a few taps. Analytics and indicative prices allow farmers to see the daily price updates from more than 200 companies, buyers and professional market analysis. Buyers can inform you about the update purchase prices of more than 5 thousand producers at the same time. Online auctions allow you to sell their crops at the best price. Tradomatic helps to obtain an honest and the highest price, saving you time on phone calls.

AssayMe. Personal Wellness&Health assistant, which allows users to monitor their health and prevent potential health problems using medical rapid tests in the home. And it is a complete tool for high quality telemedicine.

AMO CITI. Discount network for the new generation: earn cashback at your favorite establishments and save the world! In one platform combined 1500+ entrepreneurs and 30,000+ clients. Each entrepreneur has his own page where he is posting a photo, work time, amount of discount, description of his establishment and special offers. AMO CITY helps business to turn casual customers into loyal customers. And for users of AMO CITY is an easy tool to save money and make your city the best, because of the cashback goes to support local initiatives. And all this in the framework of Sustainable Development Goals (sdgs).

City-bot Nazar. City chat-bot (Viber, Telegram, Facebook) that warns about disabling all city communications, the reasons and timing of their recovery to the specified address. Accepts and controls the execution of applications. Simplifies life and saves time residents and businesses.

DESNOVATION. Helps homeowners to make repairs with a warranty and for less money. Marketplace of ready-made designs ($100), the algorithm automotores. Service management repair process, calculations with contractors on delivery; free technical supervision and insurance.

Flamingo Chair. A robotic chair to an active seat. Change the position of the body and stay as concentrated as possible.

BOS. The first of the brand’s barefoot-shoes. Such shoes are lightweight, flexible and has the anatomic form. Barefoot-shoes strengthens the foot, improves posture, increases stamina and restricts the movement stop. Preventive wearing barefoot shoes prevents pathologies musculoskeletal.

Evaluation of the Tender Commission was formed following a ranking list of startups (from highest score to lowest):

Тревожный бот и Healty-консультант: каким украинским стартапам раздали гранты в 9-й раз

According to voting results the highest scores received company: ORTY (19 points), COMIN (16.33 points) and Nutritionista (15.83 points).

At the meeting of the Supervisory Board of the Fund, which will be held shortly, will decide which startups will receive grant funding.