Divorce, donations, bad investments: the biggest losing billionaires in 2019

The reasons for the financial losses were different. In one case it was a divorce, in the other — an unfortunate corporatization, the third is a desire to give more money to charity, says RBC.

Развод, пожертвования, неудачные инвестиции: самые большие потери миллиардеров в 2019 году

Jeff Bezos. Photo frame YouTube videos/The Economic Club of Washington, D.C.

Forbes, summing up the year, called billionaires, which this year for various reasons has lost much money. Among them was the richest man in the world Jeff Bezos.

As the newspaper notes, the General condition of the founder of the Amazon in the 12 months declined by $13.1 billion as a result of the course of the year he conceded the first place in the ranking of world’s richest people bill gates and Bernard Arnault.

The reduction state of Bezos explains his divorce with his wife Mackenzie. The founder of Amazon was forced to give her 25% share of the company. So in the summer as Bezos decreased by $36,8 billion, however, the further growth of quotations Amazon allowed the billionaire to win back some losses.

The head of the Indian media group Essel Group Subhash Chandra lost $3.4 billion and stormed out of the list of billionaires (a fortune magazine estimates is now $660 million). The value of securities of two of its assets fell more than 40%.

Another representative of India Azim Premji lost $14.1 billion 74-year-old head of Wipro Limited gave $7.5 billion to his charitable Foundation. In total during his business career, he spent on charity about $21 billion.

Travis Kalanick has lost $3.1 billion after a failed IPO of the taxi service Uber. The company’s shares fell in may by 30%. In the result, Kalanick began to sell securities, simultaneously paying for the transaction of serious taxes.

About $3 billion of lost and co-Chairman of Zall Smart Commerce Group (engaged in the construction of shopping centers) Yan Zhi. He explained the financial problems of the “difficult international economic environment”.