DJ Tiesto chose a wife half my age itself

In the state of Utah on September 21 hosted a ceremony of DJ Tiesto and model Annika Bakes. Sweethearts together for more than three years.

Диджей Тиесто выбрал супругу вдвое моложе себя

The musician said that the plan was a huge party in Las Vegas. However, together with the future wife, it was decided to celebrate the event in a circle of friends and relatives. The venue of the ceremony was the resort Amangiri.

The wedding was attended by about 80 people, only close friends and relatives. The bride appeared before the audience in a luxurious white gown, and the groom was dressed in a classic black tuxedo with bow tie.

As noted by the Deputy Tiesto, the day he was overwhelmed with emotions, and it was the best day in the circle of his relatives.