DJ Tiësto married to a model half my age itself

The musician announced their engagement in Instagram in December 2017. And finally last weekend lovers with a significant age difference and got married. Ceremony in the circle of friends and relatives was held in a five star hotel Amangiri in the middle of the desert and the canyons, Utah. Tejs Vervest (the real name of DJ) and Annika Backes exchanged vows in the presence of 80 guests.

DJ Tiësto женился на модели вдвое моложе себя

The love of my life 21.09.2019,

— briefly signed first wedding photos Tiesto Instagram.

DJ Tiësto женился на модели вдвое моложе себя

Recall, DJ and model met in 2015 at one of the restaurants in new York. After two months of Dating, they went together to the Coachella festival. Two years later, Theys made the girl a proposal at Thanksgiving. Despite its age, for it is the first marriage.

In 2019, Tiësto became the fourth in the ranking of the highest paid DJs in the world by Forbes, behind only Calvin Harris, Steve Aoki and Diplo. During the year its revenue totaled $ 24 million.