Dmitry Komarov showed cosy home photo wife

This time the TV presenter told followers how he and his wife spent a lot of time and has done a lot of furniture centers to find the sofa of your dreams, after all, a young family still nesting.

Дмитрий Комаров показал уютное домашнее фото с женой

According to Dmitry, the choice of sofa they treated with the utmost seriousness.

“Choose well very long, because I decided that this is a particularly important detail of the interior on the sofa will be spending a lot of time,” he writes. Prietom Komarov said that he hates the long walk to the shops in search of anything, because life in expeditions taught him to make decisions very quickly.

However, they with Sasha agreed that for every like in shopping malls and you will find the sofa of your dreams, take a photograph, and then show each other.

What a surprise it was Komarov, when his wife showed him the exact same sofa, which took a fancy to it, just another store and a different color.

However Dmitry had to go to a new expedition, and his wife dropped the whole ordeal: choose the type and color of fabric to your taste, but that sofa was a surprise for tele-traveler.

“And now come and understand that Sasha still knows me well, too well. She managed to find in the catalogues of rare Nepalese fabric patterns and motifs)) is a style I love. Buzz” – boasted Dmitri, noticing in passing that the thing is from the Ukrainian manufacturer is not inferior to the most expensive foreign furniture.