Dmitry Shurov became the hero of the new Pink

Popular musician Dmitry Shurov often gives interview to glossy magazines, but the cover of Pink it is decorated for the first time. Your choice of hero famous magazine explained simply: “in Autumn it’s different. Want a more hearty Breakfast, lyrical music and support. So I quickly agreed to the wording that is on the cover of the October issue must be the artist whose songs we know by heart. Songs that make slightly vzgrustnut, and then immediately to smile. Of course, it should be Pianoboy”.

Дмитрий Шуров стал героем нового номера Pink

In an interview with Dmitry talked about their light and dark sides of creativity and inspiration, about weakness and balance, about the genius and happiness. A few quotes from a conversation with the artist is already in the network:

I’m always teetering between hell and Paradise. These emotional roller coaster and give fuel to move forward in creativity, song writing, music. But they are very tired himself and forced to suffer“.

“Bright people smell spring field, the first frost, cold waterfall in the middle of the forest.”

“Women have a special intuition, sixth, seventh and so on feeling. From the impending tsunami to the color that will be worn by all next year. They can smell these things much earlier”.

Dmitry has already managed to share the happy news with followers on his microblog. He posted a photo and wrote “fresh October @pink_magazine_ua – the big exclusive on the upcoming album, about the bright and dark sides, a lot of “life” and, of course, awesome coffee photos, for which the whole project team thank you very much. flown)”.