DNA zoo and a new way of studying the genome: a Ukrainian woman entered in the world’s top innovators ’35 under 35′

Genome — the whole hereditary genetic information of an organism. The study of the human genome opens tremendous opportunities for the treatment of complex diseases. For this you need to install and learn the sequence of all the genes, scientists have learned to do it long ago, but still it was a long and expensive process. This is stated in the video “voice of America”.

ДНК-зоопарк и новый способ изучения генома: украинка вошла в мировой рейтинг инноваторов '35 до 35'

A screenshot from the video “Voices of America”

Thanks to the invention of the Ukrainian scientist now analysis of the genome occurs during the week. For this study an authoritative scientific journal of the Polytechnic University of Massachusetts brought Olga Dudchenko in the list of 35 young innovators of the year.

This is the world ranking of the innovators of the publication MIT Technology Review “35 to 35”, which is published since 1999. It contains promising scientists from different fields to 35 years.

Olga works in Texas where he led a unique zoo DNA, there are small corals, butterflies, possums and other animals, but rather samples of their DNA. They are all stored in the DNA zoo in Houston (TX).

Olga invented a method for rapid and much cheaper sequencing of genomes of living organisms to decode the genome should be collected in the correct order deciphered DNA-code, previously this problem was extremely difficult.

“It’s like picking an incredibly difficult puzzle, you must assemble a million pieces, based on how they overlap and try to figure out what their original sequence”, — says Olga.

But what was once worth billions of dollars and takes several years, now, thanks to the combination of methods of Olga and technologies HighSee can be done for $ 1000 and in just a week.

“This would seem to add context to the overall purpose, you know how helps to find the corner pieces when you make a puzzle, something similar”, — says Olga.

Weekly team Olga orders 1 genome and adds them to your site, now in the DNA of the zoo, more than 100 residents — lemurs, kangaroos, antelopes, whales, bears and many other animals.

Now scientists are working to read the genome of spotted hyenas.

ДНК-зоопарк и новый способ изучения генома: украинка вошла в мировой рейтинг инноваторов '35 до 35'

A screenshot from the video “Voices of America”

“Spotted hyenas are amazing animals, they look so much impressive facts. I don’t know what you know about hyenas, but usually all that people know about them related to the cartoon “the lion King” and it is terrible, a lot of bad publicity for the poor hyenas,” says Olga.

“Before you will see the genome on the website we run experiments,” says Rukia, an employee of the DNA of the zoo.

2 branch of such a zoo is in China and Australia.

“The cells that I work with were frozen in the early 1960s, so technically they are older, even with my parents, and I am here to grow them today. I’m doing all these things behind the scenes and it all looks a trifle. You add one clear liquid to another, and although I know that there’s something there, most of the time you can’t see. And it’s really like a reward when you see the result and know that there are and your hard work,” says Rukia.

All sequenced genomes on the website of the DNA of the zoo in the public domain, so they can be used by scientists and biologists from around the world. Olga Dudchenko believes that due to the information received, you would be wise to propagate and to treat animals and in addition, to better understand the evolution as well as ourselves.

“As well as knowing family history can help you in the hospital, knowledge about the evolution is extremely useful when you are trying to understand your genome,” says Olga.

The invention Olga has another potential application, if some animals die, their data in the DNA of the zoo may be the only biological material that will be left of them. And based on it, animals can be revived.

The head of the laboratory and says that this technology is already actively developing, so this question 10-15 years.

“As soon as we get to the reliable synthesis of mammalian chromosomes, it is possible to imagine that their code will take a DNA zoo or other such digital libraries”, the Erez Lieberman-Aiden.

Olga Dudchenko is recognized that once a dream is to see a real genetic marvel.

“I’m a big fan of the book “Jurassic Park,” it’s so beautifully written, I believe it. I don’t know what do will happen or when, but I believe in it”, — says Olga.