“Dnepr-1” imposed martial law on the basis of

"Днепр-1" ввел военное положение у себя на базе

Yuriy Bereza

Club “SK Dnepr-1” has begun active preparations for the resumption of the season in the Ukrainian Premier League.

The club President Yuriy Bereza said that in preparation for the restart of the championship the management of “Dnepr-1” has introduced an unusual form of quarantine, in virtually martial law on sports base.

“Two days ago in the “Dnepr-Arena” and I can say that the pitch on it is great. As for the “Dnepr-1”, we have today a beautiful base. Since the beginning of the quarantine we, in fact, imposed martial law on the territory of the base closed all the families, restricted communication and out of the base.

We were able to control the movement of all people associated with the club. Team U-21 and U-19 we dismissed, leaving only the main team. All the players were on base and were understanding, we all the conflicts settled. The coaching staff is also at the base, and Dmitry Mikhailenko – permanent resident,” said the club President in interview to the program “Great football”.

In addition, Birch announced as the club struggled with the pandemic coronavirus.

“This week members of the club will have been fully tested and the control condition of the players and workers we have been and are daily. It was from the beginning of the quarantine. I’d love to finish this championship and start a new one. Don’t know how we will act in case of infection some of the players. However, human life remains the most important one,” said Birch.