DNR reported the withdrawal of its forces near the village of Petrovskoe (PHOTO)

ДНР отчиталась об отводе своих сил в районе села Петровское (ФОТО)

The self-proclaimed Donetsk national Republic (DND) announced the completion of the withdrawal of its units from the village of Peter. After the village of Lugansk and the village of gold, this village was the last point on the line where it was necessary to dissolve the army within the framework of the Minsk agreements.

According to the headquarters Operations of joint forces, breeding forces in the district of Bogdanovka, and Petrovsky began at 12:00. Both sides confirmed their readiness for the procedure by launching flares white and then green. “Because of minor infractions on our part, the withdrawal of personnel of the people’s militia of the DPR today was finished by 15:00,” – said the representative of DND in the Joint center for control and coordination ceasefire.

The Ukrainian side also announced the completion of the withdrawal of its forces, but it will need another two days to eliminate all violations, reports “Interfax” words of the representative of Donetsk. The DNR said that was taken out of Petrovsky 14 personnel, one automatic grenade launcher, one heavy machine gun.

Ukrainian military, for its part, intend to withdraw from the area of breeding 42 members of the Armed forces of Ukraine (APU), three armored cars, and 48 units of small arms. Special monitoring mission (SMM) OSCE recorded the beginning of withdrawal of forces and the departure of the military APU and members of the armed forces of the DNI with weapons.

The mission will continue to implement the monitoring and verification of process of withdrawal. Observers should record in reports the completion of the withdrawal, after which the district will begin the clearance and dismantling of fortifications. Breeding forces Petrovsky to be completed on 12 November.

Chief representative of the DNI in the Joint center for control and coordination of ceasefire Ruslan Yakubov said that the participants of the Minsk talks on the settlement in Donbass are considering the possibility to open the road from Petrovskogo in Ukraine.

“The road not included in the area of breeding of forces and means and does not fall under the clearance. Talk about how to clear the road and open the traffic for local residents and the OSCE mission conducted, but while they are under consideration (at the talks in Minsk)”, reports Donetsk news Agency.

Macas between Ukraine and the DNR, there are four crossing points. Crossing the line of contact between the parties allowed pedestrians and vehicles through the points of “Gorlovka” – “Maori” in the North of the DNI, “Elenovka” – “Novotroitsk” to the South-West of Donetsk, “Aleksandrovka” – “Marinka” to the West from Donetsk and “October” – “Hnutove” in the South of Donbass.

The framework decision on the dilution of forces and means in the Donbass was signed by representatives of Ukraine, LNR, DND, Russia and the OSCE in September 2016. The document envisaged the creation of the three pilot zones of security – Golden, Petrovsky and Luhansk. In reality, however, the troops near the village of Lugansk took place only on 30 June 2019. And on 29 October, began the withdrawal of forces and assets in Gold.

Breeding forces near Petrovsky was scheduled for November 4, but the procedure did not take place because of the violation of the desired mode of silence. After agreeing Kiev “formula Steinmeier” divorce forces on all three fronts there will be no formal obstacles for the meeting in the Normandy format, where the leaders of Germany, France, Ukraine and Russia will try again to find the exit from the five-year conflict in the Donbass.