Do not be afraid of mistakes in English: 4 phrases that will do everything for you

Cost be afraid to make mistakes and to avoid communicating in English or need to come out and finally start talking? The answer, I think, is obvious, but the author of the blog Dan the American offers to reflect.

Не стоит бояться ошибок в английском: 4 фразы, которые сделают все за вас

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Hereinafter in the first person.

Don’t need to take their mistakes to heart, otherwise you can withdraw into themselves. What is our main goal in the initial stages? To convey, right? But errors should not stop us.

I’m not saying that we should completely forget about the grammar and logic of language and speak to you is a beautiful men. Although I’m sure my saying so, but let’s not go that far.

In English-speaking countries live in different cultures, who speak with an accent and mistakes. It may even do you a favor, as some people like accents, especially Slavic.

In addition, the native speakers are very kind and open people, and they will always help you to improve and find the right word.

Keep a few things, like can I have a hint. When start a sentence and forget the word, feel free to use the following 4 phrase with plangent tone and a wistful look to the source could help. ( You can at the same time to POWERCIAT fingers, show their acting skills)

For example, When I came in the …

  1. What’s the word I’m looking for…? (what is the word?)
  2. What’s that called…? (what’s it called?)
  3. What’s the name…? (what’s it called?)
  4. Whatchamacallit…? (what you may call it-how can it be called?)

Your partner can help you by saying you mean in the dorm? (You mean in the dorms?) OR — in the bathroom??? (in toilet?)

The last example is a little strange, but believe me, all that happens in real life, and people constantly help each other to Express their thoughts.



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