Do not chew with an open mouth, do not lick your fingers: the strange rules of student dormitories in the United States

Imagine you went to University. I look forward to your free student life. And then once you sign the contract, which will respect the rules of conduct and not to slurp. What is this?

Не жевать с открытым ртом, не облизывать пальцы: странные правила студенческого общежития в США

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Tell in order. Parents in America sometimes sign contracts with their children. Prescribed — how children should behave and what they will be for any disobedience.

Between teachers and student who want to learn, too, sometimes creates the contract. ⠀

Between the groom and the bride on a marriage contract! ⠀

But on such a contract yesterday I heard for the first time.

Two students (e.g. Christie and Helen) want to live together in a Dorm. Christy puts a condition: Only the first will sign the contract. ⠀

And gives the girl the document, which spelled out:

Garbage take turns through the day.

If you bring a guest — warn in advance… And so on, all such rubbish. ⠀

But THREE rules in the contract was unusual. And it became clear — well they are very important for girls. Because of them, she with the whole idea of contract came up. ⠀

Here are the rules:

Chew with your mouth closed. Not to lick your fingers while eating. Wash the bowl right after you eat. ⠀

Helen agreed with all points except one: Wash the plate immediately after eating. She changed this paragraph to: “for 24 hours to wash the dishes”.

For breach of contract penalties are not anticipated. This contract is more like a wish Christy to convey to the neighbor in advance what she hates. ⠀

By the way, both girls are American. But Christie, as a child, came to America with parents from another country.

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