Do not drink cold water: 5 tips for those who cannot handle the heat

If sweating a lot and no longer able to tolerate the heat, try these few ways of cooling. Tips for the “Lifehacker” gave Max Bodyagin is a writer, blogger, podcaster, and media adviser. á Hereinafter in the first person.

Не пейте холодную воду: 5 советов тем, кто плохо переносит жару

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Dear friends, if you can’t tolerate the heat, let me give you a few tips. Transferring the heat — it’s pretty simple science, and it is possible to learn. I am quite spent a long time in places where the thermometer sometimes showed 45 and 50. So you know what they say.

1. Do not drink cold water

She quenches thirst, leaves in five minutes along with then, taking with them salt. Drink tea or unsweetened brew. About sweet drinks, everything is clear: the more you drink, the more you want.

2. If you leave home in the heat, don’t make any sudden movements

Behave with dignity, go smoothly move along the shady side of the street. Always. Well, the main thing. If you’re going somewhere in the heat, after each trip, after each walk, wash your feet and ankles with cool water. There is a lot of biologically active points, is nice and helpful.

3. Drink cold tea

Brewed a litre of weak green tea (any will do). When it cools down, throw a little bit of honey, lemon and mint. Drink it with ice. Not only delicious, but also useful.

4. Make a “antiself” (“Japanese air”)

In Japanese prints or Japanese cinema is often possible to see people in white handkerchiefs at the neck. It is. Brilliant stuff. Just try it. Take a clean white handkerchief, soaked in cold water, tie on the neck. When the handkerchief is dry, soak again. To facilitate the effect occurs in just a few minutes.

5. If possible, split the sleep in half

Arrange a Siesta in the hottest time. And, of course, no alcohol in the sun.

It was good advice, which I long ago learned from my grandmother, and she lived for 92 years. Take care of yourself and be healthy! Behave reasonably, and summer will seem like a fairy tale.