Do what you want and to receive the salary: the Swedes will open the original job

Swedish artists have come up with a position without responsibilities, but with a salary and perpetual employment, writes

Делай что хочешь и получай зарплату: шведы откроют оригинальную вакансию

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Simon Goldin and Jakob Senneby from Sweden in 2025 will begin original art — eternal employment without job duties. Artists offer one lucky to regularly receive the salary, but to only do what he wants (if he wants to sit back — is also possible).

The salary will increase periodically under the vacancy is created a special Fund, which has about 650 000. Organizers expect to collect an amount sufficient for payments for 120 years, in a period of time the artists have taken to the “eternal employment”.

The applicant who get the position, has the right to tell about his happiness to all, or, conversely, to remain anonymous. He can also quit at any time, and the position will give the next bidder.

It should be noted that one limitation in the work is still there: the employee will be required each morning to report at the railway station Korsvägen, the construction of which is being held in Gothenburg, Sweden. Therefore, even in this job to sleep until noon will not succeed — but then the whole day you can do whatever your heart desires.

After 5 years, when a vacancy is posted, applications are considered all applicants from any country in the world.



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