Do wokes ever have fun?

Do wokes ever have fun?


A question has been bothering me lately: what does a woke party look like?

No, really, I'm obsessed…< /p>

Are wokes laughing?

Are they having fun?

What do they do when they celebrate an event that they deem happy, like the cancellation of a show or the destruction of an artist's career?

They burn books? They vandalize a UQAM corridor?


The actress Anne Wiazemsky was married for three years to the filmmaker Jean-Luc Godard.

In her very beautiful stories A Studious Year (2012) and One Year After (2015), she recounts how politics killed their love.

When he discovered Maoism , in the late 1960s, Godard – who was funny, charming, mischievous – became sinister.

Only one thing occupied his mind: the Revolution.

He talked about it from morning to night.

How to make the Revolution, where to make the Revolution, with whom to make the Revolution.

And, above all, how to get rid of the enemies of the Revolution .

He who made playful, funny, inventive films – like A bout de souffle and Pierrot le fou – started shooting boring pensums that no one understood.

Monsieur was no longer an artist, no.

Monsieur was a soldier. A militant. A “consciousness awakener”.

In short, a priest.

Dull, heavy and boring like a day without bread.

Result: everyone shunned his films and his young wife looked elsewhere.

There is nothing worse than a person who feels invested with a mission. These people suddenly lose all lightness, all humor, all humanity.

As if they were carrying the whole weight of the world on their shoulders.

Do wokes ever have fun?

Do wokes ever have fun?


I thought of the two books by Anne Wiazemsky while reading the murderous review of Guy Nantel's show in Le Devoir.

The show is laughable. I have rarely seen so many people laughing at the same time. Denise Bombardier was pissing in her panties, Jean-François Lisée was bawling…

However, according to the scribe of the august Devoir, Nantel's show is as funny as a meeting of former Nazi officers.

Reading it, Place des Arts that night was filled to the brim with homophobic and transphobic racists.

That's what happens when you fall head first into ideology. You interpret everything in the light of Your Cause.

“Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar,” Freud told his young disciples, warning them of the dangers of wanting to interpret everything.

But for wokes, a cigar is anything but a cigar: it's a symbol of phallic patriarchy, capitalism, white privilege, whatever.


The Woke movement is a new religion, said a French intellectual recently.


Both impose a spirit of stifling seriousness, which crushes everything that makes the human being human.

Do you know how many wokes it takes to change a light bulb?

I don't.

But I'm sure they'll work it out It's flat in Saint-Simonac.

“A light bulb? Why a light bulb? Don't you know that hydroelectricity pollutes the environment? And why is the bulb white, huh? Why ? »


The wokes s do they sometimes have fun?