Do you have old first-generation iPhones in your drawers?

Do you have old first-generation iPhones in your drawers?


There are undoubtedly old devices that deserve to be kept! 

For a collector, a simple first generation iPhone sold at a recent auction is worth nothing less than the tidy sum of US$39,500, the equivalent of CA$54,230.

This iPhone of only 8 GB with a 2 megapixel camera was sold by the site of LCG Auctions auction three days ago. Its first owner in 2007 bought it for around US$600. Nearly 6.1 million copies of the first generation iPhone were produced after its launch on June 29, 2007, according to Wikipedia, which was introduced earlier by Steve Jobs at Macworld on January 9, 2007.

In exceptional condition!

“We expected bidding for this item to be fierce and it did not disappoint as a handful of avid and sophisticated collectors took the price from just over $10,000 on Sunday afternoon to this all-time high on Sunday evening,” Mark Montero, founder of LCG Auctions, said in a statement.

The phone that sold over the weekend was advertised as being in “exceptional condition”, with “immaculate” tags under the plastic seal and no aftermarket stickers on the box.

With only 8 GB of storage then, today's iPhones have at least 128 GB.

The very first iPhone at Macworld 2007