Doctor: for whom aspirin can be deadly

The doctor Alexander Myasnikov said about the danger of taking aspirin, and about who he generally contraindicated.

Доктор: для кого аспирин может быть смертельно опасен

These pills should first to asthmatics and people with heart disease, said the butchers. According to him, 42% of adults today are diagnosed with heart problems and one in ten has asthma.

Aspirin it is reasonable to accept only after the incident of heart attack or stroke and only on the order of a physician.

Use this medication for the prevention of heart disease, you should not, as in this case, it may increase the risk of bleeding in the brain, the doctor noted.

In addition, aspirin can be dangerous as a prophylactic for the elderly and for those suffering from obesity or high cholesterol.

Medical statistics show that persons over 70 years of age on aspirin die more often of patients who refused it, — summed up the butchers.

Earlier it was reported that children under 12 years, aspirin is contraindicated not only for influenza but also for any other illness. The combination of viral infection and aspirin, the child may develop Reye’s syndrome, which damages the liver. This complication is fatal.