Doctor: how many eggs can you eat a day

The doctor Alexander Myasnikov spoke about the consumption of eggs. According to him, eggs are one of the main sources of cholesterol. It is vital to the human body, as it participates in the formation of hormones, cell membranes and other structures.

Доктор: сколько яиц можно съедать в день

20 percent of cholesterol produced by the liver partly, we should get outside, said Myasnikov. Its suppliers – products containing fat. But in such products, such as sausage, and products with TRANS fats, contains the so-called “bad” cholesterol.

Butchers told about the study, nutritionists from 2014. Then studied health indicators among fans of the eggs: 1.5 million people consumed three eggs daily for several years. Their status compared with the health of the people who didn’t like eggs and don’t eat or eat occasionally. It turned out that “already” is not different from “naizadeve” neither by the number of infarcts, neither on lipid profile and cholesterol.

According to Myasnikov, “harmful to eat more than three eggs, but not a week and a day.” He also noticed that the brightness of the yolk does not affect the usefulness of the product.

However, we must remember that the use of eggs there is a risk of Contracting Salmonella, so you need to buy them from reliable sellers.