Doctoral dissertation of the Minister of Finance of Serbia proved to be plagiarized (PHOTO)

Докторская диссертация министра финансов Сербии оказалась плагиатом (ФОТО)

Doctoral dissertation of the Minister of Finance of Serbia, Sinisa Mali recognized as plagiarism. About it as transfers TASS, said the broadcaster RTS, the rector of the University of Belgrade Ivanka Popovic.

“The Commission on professional ethics concluded that there is a fact of plagiarism, i.e. theft of another’s intellectual property without proper reference,” said the rector.

It is expected that the University will take the necessary procedures to revoke the doctorate of the Minister, which he received in 2013. The decision is final and will not be reviewed.

The scandal around his doctoral degree Sinisa Mali began five years ago. During this time various commissions that claimed thesis, that declared it illegal loans.

Sinisa Mali refused to comment on the situation, noting that “‘ll do it soon, and now he’s more concerned about the budget of Serbia”