Doctors advise to abandon the run in favor of the walk

Lack of physical activity can be the cause of many chronic and potentially fatal diseases, so the best preventive measure against diseases is to change their traditional way of life in the direction of greater mobility. And then, according to physicians, it is important to choose the right type of activity that suits you.

Медики советуют отказаться от бега в пользу ходьбы

It is considered that fight a sedentary lifestyle is imperative in using the run, however, the orthopedist, the cardiologist and cardiovascular surgeon Vladimir khoroshev said that the race is suited to very few, and walking fits all. Therefore, the best way to deal with lack of physical activity is walking.

If you are a woman, then you only need to travel five to seven miles a day, and if a man seven to ten. We are talking about intense walking, which, at the same time, should not go into run. “If you do not pass the appropriate distance, then you will have to weaken the heart. In the absence of a walk in the body starts sclerotic process, due to the weakness of the heart. When you walk, you work the muscles of the legs, which helps the heart to drive blood through the body. In the end, the circulation process begins to flow exactly how it needs to flow as nature intended,” said the good things.

The gastroenterologist and the therapist Alexey Paramonov adds that walking is useful not only for the heart but also for the gastrointestinal tract. Any intensive physical activity, according to the expert, leads to the normalization of the bowel and helps to solve the problem of constipation.