Doctors advise women to abstain from meat and chips

Foods play an important role in the life and health of people. Some of them may benefit, and some will have opposite only harm. Scientists say that the chips and meat harm the fairer sex.

Медики советуют женщинам отказаться от мяса и чипсов

Research in this field conducted research experts from Harvard University. It turned out that the more often a woman eats meat products and bakery products, including chips and crackers, the greater its tendency to depressive States. These types of products can reduce the mood and increase the effects of stress.

American scientists have found a correlation between diet and mental state of the fairer sex. If a woman is depressed, she often begins to jam their problems. Most people see comfort in the foods that contain high amounts of carbohydrates. Including to such harmful types of food are sweets and fast food.

While women do not always think about the fact that this diet can negatively tell on the state of health, a sports figure and mood.

To such conclusions scientists arrived at in the course of many years of research. About ten years they watched the women, their diet. In the end it turned out that the harmful effects of meat products, pasta and bakery products, and prepared foods, including crackers and chips. Those who love such products, but not fish, fruits and vegetables, are more likely to suffer from depression.