Doctors against flu and colds these ways

Some methods of self-medication can harm the health.

Медики против лечения гриппа и простуды этими способами

Most people do not seek help from doctors when they are ill. The symptoms of SARS and influenza are virtually indistinguishable from each other, so not a doctor cannot appoint to himself the right treatment, and it is fraught with complications.

Therapists strongly recommend to listen to their advice and follow a clearly spelled out in the recipe, where all necessary medicines for the treatment of the patient. But for this, you need to call the doctor or visit it yourself if you feeling more or less normal.

If you decide to treat colds at home without medical assistance, then you should know that these methods not just work, but also can adversely affect the course of the disease and cause complications:

— any kind of heat treatments, including inhalation at elevated body temperature;

— herbal medicine will help to relieve symptoms but can not cope with influenza virus or other respiratory infection;

— uncontrolled use of antibiotics is causing serious damage to the digestive system, killing with pathogenic bacteria is useful, therefore, to take antibiotics without a prescription prescribed by a physician, or in the prevention of flu — unsafe.

— the use of citrus fruits in large quantity will not bring your body with anything useful when you become infected with a particular virus, moreover, it may occur an allergic reaction that will exacerbate the health and also affected the mucous membrane of the stomach due to the abundance of fruit acids;

— hope for homeopathic medicines will fade away every day because they are not able to cure a person suffering from flu or SARS.

As you can see, some of the listed methods of treatment of influenza and SARS in the home quite popular, but according to doctors, to treatment dangerous to life and health.