Doctors are asking people to stop to clean the ears with cotton sticks. It’s dangerous!

Specialists from the Academy of otolaryngology, the U.S. has made fresh recommendations for the care of the ears. Laura asked people to stop cleaning their ears with sticks and cotton wool, tampons, and various other unrelated things.

Медики просят людей перестать чистить уши ватными палочками. Это опасно!

Doctors explain that it is not necessary to try to get earwax so. The fact that the surplus is able to go from the ear itself. But hanging out in the ear canal with a hard object, even if it is on the end of a wool, can propel sulfur to the eardrum. This is dangerous because the accumulated sulfur there can trigger the emergence of cerumen. Own it, alas, will not work and will have to go to the doctor. In addition, there is a risk to do in the ear hole.
Otolaryngologist Seth Schwartz explains that sulfur is very important as it prevents to enter dust and dirt into the ear canal. Sulfur has an adhesive structure, so easily captures foreign particles. They stick to it like hair to chewing gum, and then removed in a natural way.
Experts, however, note that people regularly face with ear plugs, one in twenty suffers from this and doesn’t even know why it became worse to hear. Therefore, it is important not to neglect the medical examinations. You should alarm ringing or roaring in the ears, soreness, discomfort and hearing loss.