Doctors are told what drinks help with headaches

In some cases you can do without the pills.

Врачи рассказали, какие напитки помогают при головной боли

Migraine is a frequent problem that people struggle painkillers. However, there are other tools that can ease the condition and reduce the probability of a new attack. Doctors noted that medications from pharmacies only hide the pain that is a symptom of more serious problems.

German doctors and scientists conducted a number of studies and called foods and drinks that can reduce the intensity and frequency of headaches:

Cayenne pepper is an excellent pain reliever, it can reduce the level of substance P, carries information about pain to the brain. Pepper you need to prepare a drink – a quarter teaspoon of pepper, pour hot water and infuse

Mint tea is soothing and a natural remedy against digestive disorders. It is known that a precursor of migraine is a disorder of the stomach, and mint tea is able to restore the work of this body and reduce headaches. Migraine can help and peppermint oil. It should be applied on the forehead.

Warm water with lemon. This drink will speed up the digestion slows down during headaches. Everything else it is rich in vitamin C, which boosts immunity and strengthens blood vessels. This drink can be supplemented with a teaspoon of honey.

Ginger tea is not only a great protection against colds and infections, but also cure headaches. Tea made from thinly sliced pieces of fragrant the root, and boiling water. To improve the properties of the drink and enhance the action, you can use lemon and honey.