Doctors call herbs that improve male health


Experts told the like without the use of pharmaceuticals to improve men’s potency. Doctors call herbs available to most Russian men.

Врачи назвали травы, улучшающие мужское здоровье

Experts say, periodically every man can face impotence. The reasons for this can be very different, but most often is unhealthy diet, lack of exercise caused by decreased physical activity, and stress. Doctor of medical Sciences Valentin Prozorovsky convinced to return sexual desire, you can apply various herbs, some of which can be everyday in the diet. First of all we are talking about parsley, which contains large quantities of vitamin C. Thanks to him you can solve men’s problems. It is also an effective means of improving the potency, is the fireweed. This plant affects the endocrine system, increasing the production of testosterone. To prevent violations of this nature will help extract gorjanki strelolist that improve the activity of sperm and increase libido. Among the exotic grasses, the expert suggests to pay attention to the plant Ginkgo biloba, saturating the blood with oxygen and increase the blood flow to the organs of the pelvis.

However, the doctor recommends that you take these herbs as a means to save people from the existing problems. The first thing to consult the doctors and get a diagnosis, as self-medication can lead to further progression of the disease and exacerbation of the disease. Before taking herbs, you should consult a professional.

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