Doctors call signs of breast cancer

Doctors have developed a checklist for the early diagnosis of breast cancer and spoke about its characteristics. Experts remind that the disease is very important to identify in the early stages when treatment is effective.

Врачи назвали признаки заболевания раком груди

Today breast cancer is one of the most common cancer among women around the world. Rostov experts believe that women should be aware of the signs, the appearance of which should go to the doctors.

Julian Shatov, a doctor, told about these symptoms in detail. According to the scientist, are the following disturbing symptoms:

“Any of them – the reason to urgently seek medical help from a gynecologist or oncologist,” – said the expert.

She added that cancer development often takes place secretly. It is therefore very important to be attentive to your body and try to see what is happening with him changes.