Doctors called a very effective tool in the fight against flu

This plant, like elderberry can be very effective in combating flu in the early stages of the disease – it contains the necessary connections. On the property of an elder told the Australian researchers from the University of Sydney.

Медики назвали очень эффективное средство в борьбе с гриппом

Elderberry compounds reduce the activity of the influenza virus in its early stages, say Australian scientists. In their work they studied the antibacterial and antiviral activity of elderberry extract.

As a result, the experts came to the conclusion that substances in elderberry inhibit the activity of streptococci and is capable to stop the development of infections of the upper respiratory tract.

In addition it was found that the elder has a positive effect on the heart, vascular and digestive systems. Plus in the elder a lot of potassium that helps to normalize blood pressure.

In summary, the researchers noted that it is now their challenge is to create mechanisms for the use of those substances that are contained in this medicinal plant.