Doctors called all the pros and cons of beer

Beer is one of the healthiest alcoholic drinks due to the high content of useful minerals. The doctors said that beer is really very good for health, but you need to understand what benefits can bring only a small amount of beer.

Медики назвали все плюсы и минусы пива

First and foremost, doctors recommend not to drink more than one beer per day is 500 ml. beer strengthens bones and is an excellent prevention of osteoporosis. In addition, consumption of beer reduces the risk of developing rheumatoid arthritis. In addition, those who drink beer, 40% less likely to suffer from strokes and heart attacks. According to the findings of scientists, beer activates the growth of good cholesterol. Also recent studies proved that drinking one drink a day helps prevent dementia and prevents the development of diabetes. At the same time, experts remind that fond of beer not even the most healthy person.

Recently, scientists from Switzerland identified a safe rule of beerthat can really have a beneficial effect on health. We are talking about three or four bottles of beer a week, and drink the norm should be for a few days, and not once.