Doctors called five possible signs of cancer in men

Some signs of cancer in men can mimic symptoms of other diseases or conditions.

Медики назвали пять возможных признаков рака у мужчин

Many representatives of the stronger sex prefer to ignore dangerous symptoms. Experts emphasize that men it is important to know your body and consult a doctor if any unusual pains or other changes in the body and health.

Difficulty urinating

If you find it difficult to urinate or your urine or semen blood appeared, or if you experience unexplained erectile dysfunction, see your doctor: this may be symptoms of prostate cancer.

“Unfortunately, noticeable symptoms of prostate cancer to the aggressive stages there,” — says the doctor of medical Sciences Moshe Chic. He often sees patients who ignore these symptoms for six months, and only then ask for help, but the sooner you get tested the better.

Changes in the testicles

Just as women should check their Breasts, men should pay attention to their testicles. If you notice changes in the size of one or both testicles, if you feel that they are swollen or have become heavier, or if you feel any lump, then these symptoms may indicate testicular cancer, says doctor of medical Sciences Maury Markman. Testicular cancer is most common among young men and middle-age.

Noticeable changes in the skin

Men over the age of 50 approximately two times more often than women, can get sick and die from skin cancer. According to research, men spend more time in the sun than women and less likely to cause the sunscreen; men also have less hair covering the skin of their head and ears — two areas that tend to the development of cancer. In addition, traditionally, men visit doctors less frequently than women, therefore, skin cancer may be identified belatedly.

“Many people think freckles, moles or age spots are all — says the doctor of medical Sciences rich Wender. But if you notice that a mole has become darker, larger, or more convex, check it out. Spots melanomas often have an irregular shape (not round), they are much darker or even possible to notice two distinctly different colors in one spot. Melanoma is much rarer than other types of skin cancer, but can be more deadly. However, many melanoma a long period are not invasive and if caught early they are easy to fight with the proper melanoma cancer treatment.

Sores or pain in the mouth

If the pain associated with teeth, it will be after a trip to the dentist. But if you notice that the mouth sores will not heal, and pain accompany white or red patches on gums or tongue, and swelling or numbness of the jaw, this may be a sign of oral cancer.

According to Dr. Markman, men who smoke or chew tobacco have an increased risk of developing cancer of the oral cavity. “Men smoke more than women. Smokers and lovers of chewing tobacco have a lot more to worry about wounds in your mouth that long to heal, compared to non-smokers,” says the doctor.

Chronic cough

Cough that lasts three weeks or more — without other symptoms, such as cold or Allergy can be an early symptom of lung cancer. It may be a symptom of leukemia.

“If it differs from your usual cough and if he torments you for a long time, or you cough up blood, is an important sign,” says Dr. Markman. Some lung cancer patients report chest pain that spreads to the shoulder or down the arm.