Doctors called itchy skin one of the 6 main signs of liver cancer


Doctors from the UK called 6 signs that indicate that colon cancer has spread to the liver. One of the symptoms is itching on the skin.

Медики назвали зуд кожи одним из 6 основных признаков рака печени

Bowel cancer is one of the most common types of cancer. Often diagnosed after age 60. Most often it spreads to the lungs and liver. The symptoms largest organ of the digestive system are: discomfort or pain on the right side of the body, nausea, lack of appetite and unexplained weight loss, abdominal swelling (ascites), yellowing of the skin and the feeling of itching. According to the British medical aid in this case is palliative — approach to improve the quality of life of the patients, which means only the withdrawal symptoms.

“Palliative treatments such as chemotherapy and biological therapy can improve quality of life and help to live longer. It should be noted, there is a possibility that bowel cancer which has spread to the liver, can long be controlled and, possibly, the patient can be cured through surgery and chemotherapy,” noted British doctors.

As for colon cancer, the 3 major warning sign: persistent blood in the stool that occurs for no apparent reason, pain in the lower abdomen, frequent trips to the bathroom with symptoms of diarrhea. To reduce the risk of malignant tumors it is recommended to quit Smoking, lead an active lifestyle, minimize the use of alcohol.