Doctors called method-aging –

Doctors told about the fasting methods by which you can slow down aging. After 14-16 hours without food, a period of ketosis, where the body begins to extract energy not from food, from fat deposits.

Медики назвали метод, замедляющий старение

Effective experts call the position of monk, when you can simply starve for 36 hours. In this period, you can consume water and other drinks low in calories. Also many people recommend the 16/8 regime, when it is to refrain from eating will be in 12 hours, adding the time allocated for sleep. After waking up enough to postpone Breakfast for 6-8 hours and not to eat anything for a couple of hours before retiring to bed.

Not less useful benefits of the warrior diet 20/4, when for 20 hours you should refrain from meal. Is permissible only once a day, in the evening, but only until the feeling of satiety to avoid overeating. Any of the proposed methods are effective, but it is important not to overdo it.