Doctors called natural remedies to protect the heart from diseases


Scientists have figured out how to keep your heart healthy and prevent cardiovascular disease. These methods will help to achieve the effect without the use of drugs.

Медики назвали натуральные средства для защиты сердца от заболеваний

Recently, studies have been conducted that have shown that intense light can positively influence the work of the human heart. The fact that during the light falling on human skin, begin to amplify special genes that support the blood vessels in the body.

Also protect the heart muscle from disease will help folk remedies. For example, if you enter in the daily diet of a head of garlic, you decrease the level of cholesterol in the body. But opponents of this product will fit the Cayenne, in which there is a high content of capsaicin that improves the elasticity of blood vessels. The use of these products will significantly reduce the risk of blood clots leading to strokes.

Its utility were noted and the ginger, as it prevents blood clots and accelerates its circulation. In addition, it improves digestive system and prevents constipation.

If we talk about tea, the green has a number of advantages over black because in its composition contains more antioxidant substances. Experts recommend drinking at least three cups of green drink each day to improve health of cells of the cardiovascular muscles. Contrary to established stereotypes, good for the heart is fat because it contains monounsaturated acids that dissolve cholesterol.

Nutrition plays a huge role in human health, so it is important to use healthy products. In addition to the condition of the body affects the way of life, useful and harmful habits, stress and positive thinking.

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