Doctors called one of the main causes of stroke

A stroke is an acute cerebrovascular disease which can lead to disability or death. A very small percentage of people who have had a stroke, can boast of their health.

Медики назвали одну из основных причин инсульта

Nerves and stroke

Probably one of the most common, according to people, the cause of stroke is chronic stress. That is, when a person disturbed cerebral blood flow and it is an attack, it is believed that someone has brought this up.

In fact, doctors refute this belief and call it is not entirely true. According to them, a stroke can happen to anyone, but not completely healthy. And nerves is not being, but if a person has other associated cardiovascular disease, then even the slightest stress could exacerbate his condition and cause a stroke.

The risk of stroke:

— those who have obesity;

— smokers and alcoholics;

high blood pressure;

— people leading a sedentary lifestyle;

— men and women after 45 years, ignoring the annual examination.

It turns out that more than other stroke-prone people with a large overweight, which usually have related problems with blood pressure, and Smoking or abandon alcohol. If to all this that connect the stress, it is no wonder that a person at any time and even in a completely relaxed state can have a stroke.

When you see warning signs, e.g. severe headache, which worries a long time and does not pass after taking pain medication, you should immediately seek medical help. If this is the beginning of a stroke, that doctors have all the chances to save health