Doctors called safe music volume in the headphones


Experts in the field of health spoke about safe volume, which is to listen to music in headphones so as not to damage your hearing.

Медики назвали безопасную громкость музыки в наушниках

There are quite strict standards for max volume music with headphones. It is believed that the volume level of headphones shall not exceed eighty decibels, however, many manufacturers of gadgets do not comply with the restrictions, so the market can be found in headphones, the volume of which exceeds one hundred decibels.

If you listen to music on headphones at very high volume, it can not only damage hearing, but also to trigger the development of complete deafness, so that this joke is in any case not worth it — the doctors say. Accordingly, we should not raise the volume too much.

“The ultimate level is fifty decibels. If you listen to music on headphones at such a volume, it will save itself from the development of hearing loss. But do not forget about the breaks that you need to regularly organize sessions of listening. The duration of breaks should be two to three hours — during this time the hearing time to recover from a heavy load,” say the doctors, noting that the hearing damaged by loud headphones, it is already impossible to restore.

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