Doctors called seven myths about cystitis

Fall bladder infection exacerbated, and patients with cystitis becomes dramatically more. To properly treat the symptoms, it is important to know about the features of cystitis because of myths about the disease enough.

Медики назвали семь мифов о цистите

Cystitis occurs after sitting on a cold surface. The cold really reduces the protective function of the bladder. But at the same time sitting on a cold is not the cause but only the trigger. The cause of cystitis are microbes, which migrate through the urethra into the bladder and cause symptoms of infection.

Cystitis is infectious. It is not clear what the basis of the myth. The danger of direct transmission of infection from person to person — for example, if you share a toilet in the family — does not exist.

Cystitis is treated with antibiotics. Optional. Easy infection and irritation of the bladder often can be treated effectively by herbal medicines that are purchased without a prescription at the pharmacy. Also, while it is useful to drink more plain water to get rid of pathogenic microorganisms.

However, if symptoms of cystitis persist or if in the urine there is blood, and create a fever or kidney pain, you should consult a doctor: probably in this case you will need an antibiotic .

Bladder pathogens lurk in public toilets. Scientists believe that probably not. According to them, even if the seat public toilet had been contaminated by the bacteria, they fall at the hip and there is little that can be done. The worry that germs in toilet water, can bounce or penetrate the body with splash of water — it is unreasonable.

Cystitis can “catch” in the pool. Indirectly, the pool can provoke cystitis: this will happen if after bathing, do not change a swimsuit. Cooling weakens the immune system and increases the likelihood that the bladder can penetrate microbes.

Men don’t get cystitis. Not so. Although women actually suffer incomparably more frequently (about 95%), men can also suffer from infection bacteria that cause this disease. In men, cystitis can occur very painful.

Cystitis is harmless. The same myth. Usually bladder infections are uncomplicated, but inadequate treatment can suffer kidney. In the worst case this can even lead to blood poisoning (sepsis), and it is dangerous for life.