Doctors called the main mistakes with the help from poisoning

While human toxicity, first aid it usually receives from their loved ones, as it requires prompt action. Doctors told, what are the main errors it committed, which leads to complications.

Медики назвали основные ошибки при помощи от отравления

Often, people during poisoning self-medicate. The most common cause of this condition is usually getting into the digestive tract is substandard products, because of which harmful bacteria begin to grow quickly, leading to poor health. Most often it is nausea, vomiting, pain in the abdomen and head, as well as diarrhea. In this case, offer the patient to consume dairy products. They contain probiotics, beneficial gut, but in this case, can only hurt, because it will increase the load on the working bodies. Don’t need to offer poisoned drugs with clamping effect, for them disease will increase. These drugs do not cure the disease, but only partially relieve symptoms. Feeling physical relief, the person ceases to take measures to fight sickness, and this complicates the situation, as the toxins in his body continue to accumulate.

In addition, doctors beware of many other actions. We are talking about laxatives medications can not give a poisoned person. You should refrain from drinking carbonated water in this state. Also scientists warn against self-attempts to influence the course of the disease with the help of antidote, including neutralizing the acid with alkali. You can not artificially induce vomiting in pregnant women. In poisoning, the best action is to appeal to the hospital.