Doctors determined the products, which are often sore joints

Experts called products, the use of which has a negative impact on the joints. Because the correct diet will help people how to protect yourself from problems with the joints, and, conversely, to increase their strength.

Медики определили продукты, из-за которых часто болят суставы

For example, cheese, red meat and butter contain saturated fats can increase the body’s inflammatory processes, as provoke increased yields of appropriate enzymes. Similar problems raise and fatty acid omega-6 that are contained in the animal fats and oils. These include the popular sunflower oil, corn and sesame. These acids also trigger a chain of reactions that eventually lead to increased inflammation.

People who have problems with joints, you should reduce the consumption of TRANS fats, which are found mainly in confectionery products and different foods. A lot of them in popular fast food restaurants, who can be called the scourge of our time.

Also, you should limit the use of dishes that contain white flour, because it can cause a sharp increase of glucose. In fact these same properties, and sugar, which represents an increase of inflammatory processes.
And finally, as harmful to the joints of the product, the doctors said salt. This is due to the fact that its excess leads to swelling and, consequently, inflammation. Therefore, the diet should prevail meals with low content or without it at all.

Adherence to these recommendations will allow people suffering from diseases of the joints, significantly improve your life, the more effective treatment still does not exist.