Doctors explained under what diseases are particularly important physical activity

Cancer affects the heart, therefore, it requires training.

Медики объяснили, при каких болезнях особенно важны физические нагрузки

Faced with the necessity of treatment of cancer patients must go through physical exertion. Studies show that it is an effective way to protect the heart.

The cause of death for many tumors are a direct violation of the heart, provoked by the whole complex of negative factors. Therefore, the more strong and healthy is the heart, the higher the chances of cancer patients cope with the disease or at least prolong his life. Researchers from the University of Siena in Italy found that cancer patients regardless of the type of tumors and their treatment needs with the help of experts to find an individual mode of physical activity to protect the heart.

“Such patients usually are much less active than adults without malignancy — as emphasized by the researchers. — However, exercise is important for people facing cancer and going through treatment, regardless of its variants. Some types of loads like muscle training is safe and effective, especially in people with tumors of the chest. Therefore, the selection of these loads need to be addressed on the basis of individual characteristics.”

Practice shows that cardiovascular diseases are common side effects in cancer patients. This is due to the cardiotoxicity include agents for the treatment of cancer negatively affect the functionality of the heart and its structure, or accelerate the development of cardiovascular diseases. This occurs most often due to jumps in blood pressure. Finally, sometimes cardiovascular diseases and tumors have the same risk factors.