Doctors found a nice way to treat arthritis

Incense copes with the manifestations of arthritis.

Медики нашли приятный способ лечения артрита

Incense can be used as treatment for the inflammation of the joints. According to researchers from the University of Alabama, wood tar, used in the ceremonies, which is extracted from African trees in the genus Boswelia can stop the inflammation.

Evidence suggests that compounds found in the incense, are attached to proteins that provoke the pain and effectively block their work.

However, researchers have not established why the incense contains these compounds. It is possible to protect trees from insects and fungi.

The discovery will allow drug companies to develop new methods to combat arthritis. The only problem is that the bonding resin will not dissolve in water, and therefore have difficulty passing through the bloodstream. However, biotechnology company Cambridge Nutraceuticals has developed a new product on the basis of Boswellia called Cool Joints +, which, in their opinion, solves this problem. In addition to the resin product contains soy lethicin.

According to biologists, lethicin enhances the active ingredients of Boswellia in the stomach, so it is evenly distributed in both plasma and in tissues.

“We showed that this component allows Boswellia to get to the place where you want to have anti-inflammatory effect, and in the right quantities,” concluded a molecular biologist Miriam Ferrer (Ferrer Miriam).

Doctors satisfied with the results of the conducted research work.

Other professionals also have a positive attitude to the prospects of new products based on Boswellia.

It should be noted that the analysis of 49 studies of herbal treatments for osteoarthritis involving nearly 6,000 people, has demonstrated the effectiveness of incense.