Doctors: gait can tell a lot about human health

According to doctors features of gait can be inherited and it varies depending on the processes that affect human health. Such processes, for example, can be disease or aging.

Врачи: походка может многое рассказать о здоровье человека

Scientists-gerontologists believe that the speed or tempo of the gait of man is a reflector of its tendency to longevity. If the aging person does not lose his usual gait, he has all the chances to live to 80 years.

On the portal “Rambler/the doctor” the doctors told me that the gait is a marker of many disorders in health. For example, the loud tramp of feet when walking may indicate a loss of sensation in the limbs, which often happens with vitamin B12 deficiency and development of diabetes.

If people do not wobble when walking by hands, it could mean muscle compression in the shoulder girdle – a typical phenomenon in sedentary work and total immobility.

Poorly developed muscles, weak muscle corset leads to violation of posture, lowered shoulders and head, there is the stoop. In this gait, the chest organs are compressed and disturbed oxygen supply in the blood. As a consequence, there are fatigue, frequent headaches.

This feature of gait as clubfoot, can be congenital, but can also arise from a deficiency of vitamin D in the body. According to doctors, the lack of this substance often leads to a change in the shape of the legs due to developing rickets.

They stated that regular exercise and stretching exercises help to keep the walk light and beautiful.