Doctors gave the advice for correct measurement of blood pressure

Doctors from Germany have given advice regarding the correct measurement of blood pressure. One recommendation is a sufficient interval after drinking black tea.

Медики дали советы по правильному измерению артериального давления

Stress and other mental factors can influence the level of blood pressure. Even if the blood pressure measured in the doctor’s office, the result is sometimes distorted because the person experiences anxiety. According to doctors, it is best to take readings in a relaxed home environment, making it right. In particular, the measurement should be done no earlier than 5 minutes of relaxed sitting position. Without physical exertion, drinking coffee or black tea before, it is important to keep the forearm on the substrate so that the cuff of the device was at the level of the heart.

The first measurement is to compare the figures on both hands, decisive for the diagnosis serve elevated results in subsequent you need to consider. Blood pressure should be measured two or three times in a row with the half-minute break. According to the data, over time, there is a decrease in blood pressure. Takes into account the average value of the last two actions.

At high performance it is recommended to take measurements several times a day and record the values. The records must show the treating doctor to discuss the problem.

“In principle, the blood pressure can also be measured on the wrist. For this purpose, the instrument, the measurement accuracy is verified and documented. It is important to consider, even if raised only the lower or upper value (systolic, diastolic), it is called hypertension,” added doctors from Germany.